Your Grand Deceit

A Poem

Jillian Spiridon
2 min readMay 5, 2022


Photo by R. Fera via Pexels

you thought you had it all —
the girls, the looks,
the fancy cars,
and that band of people-pleasers
who never helped you
become a better man

you thought you were a marvel
as the money flowed,
and your head grew bigger
than even your thirst for power
till you got shot down to size
by those people you called haters

you thought it’d be simple
to get your revenge —
just buy up a company
or two or three
and show your might
in a world that didn’t appreciate you

you thought you were the hero
to save the princess
and slay the dragon —
all before 5 PM —
just in time
for a round of golf

you thought how nice it’d be
when people loved you most
and didn’t air dirty laundry
of all those girls you’d mistreated —
what a life, right?
you were winning

you thought you were the king,
the one and only prize jewel,
but someone forgot to tell you
that you look like a dull rock
someone dug up from the river
and tossed back in

you thought wrong, you know,
because no one is a friend
to a man whose only pride
lies in the cash he makes
and the enemies he collects —
who wants to bet you’re alone?

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