Who Cares About a Little Hocus Pocus?

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Jillian Spiridon


Photo by cottonbro: https://www.pexels.com/photo/blindfolded-woman-with-a-lit-candle-5435267/

“Come on!” Wisteria tugged on her sister’s hand as she tried to drag her along in the dark. “You’re worse than a snail, Lily.”

Lily almost stumbled over her own feet, the blindfold blocking out any hint of sight. “Why are we going out at midnight? Mother said nothing good happens after midnight.”

“Oh, who cares? Mommy dearest shouldn’t have left us to our own devices tonight then.”

Lily sucked in a breath as she continued walking with no idea of where they were headed. “Is that why you put on the blindfold? So I won’t be able to tell on you tomorrow morning?”

“Don’t worry,” Wisteria replied, laughing. “There are no boys involved, if that’s what you’re concerned about.”

“I’m not concerned about boys,” Lily said, trying to sound brave, but Wisteria just continued to laugh at her.

“Oh, right. The girl who screamed when a boy kissed her cheek? You treat them as if they’re frogs or something.”

“I wish they were frogs,” Lily muttered. But Wisteria didn’t seem to hear the words before she stopped suddenly, enough for Lily to bump into her sister’s back.

“Eri?” Lily asked. “Eri, what’s wrong?”

Wisteria let out a soft noise that sounded as if she were in pain. “They found it,” she whispered.

“What? Wait — who found what?”

Instead of answering, Wisteria began to untie the blindfold Lily was wearing. “See for yourself,” she said, all hint of good humor gone. Her voice sounded as if she had aged exponentially in the time since they had left the manor.

Lily blinked multiple times, her eyes adjusting to the dark — except there wasn’t total darkness like she had expected. Instead, her gaze found a small blaze atop one of the trees.


“It doesn’t smell like anything’s burning,” Lily said, “and the fire’s not spreading.”

“Duh,” Wisteria said. “It’s witchfire. Someone cast a spell on my secret base, and now it’s destroyed.”