Welcome to the Naughty List

Some things are better left unsaid.

Jillian Spiridon


Image Credit: Depositphotos

“Relax a little,” the woman said, her voice barely above a whisper as her hand skimmed his thigh. “You’re so tense, honey. Don’t worry. I won’t bite.”

Henry hadn’t thought that the first time he called up for a woman’s company would be on Christmas Eve. But long monotonous hours had led to the kind of desperation that made him surf the internet late on his cell phone just days before the holidays.

It certainly didn’t help that the woman had come dressed in a sexy Santa outfit — a red and white dress tied loosely with a black sash — as if she knew exactly what kind of customer he would be.

“I’m sorry,” Henry said, tensing a little as her fingers continued to trace circles on the fabric of his pants. “I didn’t catch your name.”

“Oh, that?” The woman offered a small, breathy laugh. “You can call me Merry if you want.”

“Mary? Like the mother of Jesus?”

“No,” she said, still smiling. “Merry as in Merry Christmas.”

“Fitting for the season,” he said. “Do you always change your name to match the time of year?”

“Not usually,” she replied. “Tonight’s a special case.”

“What’s so special about it?”

“Why, I got to meet you, silly.”

For the first time, he had to resist the urge to roll his eyes. Some things were a bit much, even for him. “You don’t have to play a role,” he said. “I just wanted the company, really.”

“Oh? Well, that’s no fun.”

Then, in one fluid motion, she swung her body until she straddled him. The skirt of her costume rode up and revealed garters for the long white socks she wore.

A teasing smile came to her painted lips. “You don’t want to be naughty? Not even a little bit?”

“I don’t think that comes naturally,” he said, his mouth dry as he tried to avoid losing his cool. “I’ve always played the nice guy.”

“Oh, really?” She rocked against him in one lithe movement just to try and rile him. “That’s a shame. Nice guys finish last, you know.”