The True Fate of Briar Rose

#100StoryChallenge — No19

Jillian Spiridon
1 min readSep 25, 2022


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The first thorns began to grow from Briar Rose’s skin on the eve of her sixteenth birthday.

“What’s happening to me?” she asked her fairy attendants, and they simply looked upon her with pity in their eyes.

“You’re becoming the curse,” one said. “I’m so sorry, dear Rose. There’s nothing we can do.”

Briar Rose had been warned of the sleeping curse that would set in if she met her true love — but this? No one had warned her.

Days bled into weeks as the thorns continued to pierce through her flesh.

Who would ever love a castle of thorns?

This is a part of my endeavor to go back to writing tighter fiction with more stringent word counts. It’s just one attempt at the 100 Story Challenge because I thought it would be a good exercise to do to keep my imagination sharp. We’ll see how it goes.

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