The Entrance

#100StoryChallenge — No34

Jillian Spiridon
1 min readOct 10, 2022


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In the ashes of the Aureum Empire came a queen whose smile was said to strike men dead.

But the queen, meant to bear an heir, had processions of men brought before her.

None lasted more than a day before they ran screaming from the palace.

There were whispers in the spice markets that the queen always entered after the men were already seated.

Some said she was beautiful enough to drive men mad.

Others suspected the truth from the rumors.

And her smile? It was all feral.

Her leonine face, bared to the light, instilled fear instead of affection.

This is a part of my endeavor to go back to writing tighter fiction with more stringent word counts. It’s just one attempt at the 100 Story Challenge because I thought it would be a good exercise to do to keep my imagination sharp. We’ll see how it goes.

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