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100 Lyrics into Stories — No7

Jillian Spiridon
2 min readMay 22


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Eris knew the storm god would come for her sister Cora. The clouds coalesced over the cove, biding their time for one lightning strike that could set everything aflame.

Father would give Cora up without a fight. Mother would fall to her knees and weep — but she wouldn’t say a word.

The storm god would have his way.

No one was supposed to fight him.

“Do you trust me?” Eris asked Cora before Eveningtide.

Cora swallowed but nodded, her eyes shining.

Eris offered a humorless smile. “I wish things had been different.”

Then she stabbed her sister in the heart.

This is my third take on the 100 Story Challenge! Lyrics define these stories, and this piece‘s title was inspired by “Karma” by Taylor Swift.

If you missed out on rounds one and two, I’ve linked both my original 100 Story Challenge list as well as my 100 Faces in 100 Stories list below for your perusal if you’re curious.

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