My Love Tears Down Castles

A Poem

Jillian Spiridon


Photo by Linus Sandvide on Unsplash

oh, now it makes so much sense
how you wanted me out of the story
when i was the one thing standing in your way
of reclaiming the throne you wanted most of all.

oh, now i can speak in a thousand tongues,
and what can i do but tell you again and again
how much i craved you in the sequence of mad things
while you looked upon the higher plane again and again?

oh, the throne was yours — you knew it —
so why did you involve me in this careful game?
what did a poor peasant girl have to do in a feud
of gods and furies and muses and mischief?

i didn’t want you — you knew that —
but you told lie after lie after lie
as if those things might save you
from some far-off damnation.

oh, now i know the truth of it —
how you wished me dead from the start —
as if i’d ever be what you wanted
while you sat back in a crumbling castle.

oh, now i can see in a thousand colors,
and what can i do except entreat you again and again
to leave it here, let the past die here, but your eyes are
ever elsewhere, aren’t they, caught up in some scheme afar?

oh, this world’s castle isn’t mine to give,
and you knew that — you knew that — but still you thought
i’d be able to absolve you of something, anything,
beyond this forward point of motion, didn’t you?

i wanted the boy in shades of gray —
he knew that, i knew that, we both knew —
but still you thought you knew me best
until the final bell came and told you one last thing.


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