Leading Lady Material

In That Haze — No10 (Micro)

Jillian Spiridon


Photo by Michael McAuliffe on Unsplash

There were worse places to fall in love than a field at the end of the world.

Or that was what Emily Horus thought as she stood on the set of Namesake, a post-apocalyptic film set after the fallout of war. She tapped her ballpoint pen against her bottom lip and sighed to herself as she looked down her checklist of the various things she’d have to get the cast and crew — one of the perks of being assistant director on a Garrett Farris production.

“Lighten up,” the man himself had told her only hours before, jostling her shoulder with his. “At least you don’t have to deal with the big wigs like I do.”

“This is just menial labor,” she said, sighing, as she had collected bottles of water. Jessa Rupey, the star, had wanted sparkling water of a particular brand that had to be shipped overnight from Amazon. Brilliant, right? But let Garrett talk about how he had to deal with the finer details of, oh, actually making a film.

“Why don’t you do something simple for me then? Go deliver a copy of the final script to his Royal Highness’s trailer. Do me a favor, Horus.”

Emily had bit back another sigh before she had taken the offending packet of pages. Then she had marched over to the place she had wanted to avoid at all costs: the lair of one Kirk Normandy.

Swallowing a sigh — such a bad habit — she had taken her knuckles to the door and rapped on it. Then she waited. No answer.

Rather than scurry away with her tail between her legs, though, she did the bold thing for once in her life: she went into the trailer with no invitation.

To her surprise, she found Kirk sprawled on the plush couch in the trailer, his eyes drooped shut, in what looked like a cat nap. She couldn’t help admiring him from afar as one might do to an exotic species at a zoo. When he was awake, he was far too intense — but like this, at a distance, asleep? She supposed he was a fine specimen for the majority. Then she shook her head, startling herself awake, before she cleared her throat and set down the script on the nearby table.

Then she looked up to find Kirk’s eyes open, bleary, as a small smile dusted his lips.