I’m the Best Thing That Almost Happened to You

100 Lyrics into Stories — No64

Jillian Spiridon
2 min readJun 9, 2024
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The mermaid had traded her fins for legs.

But it hadn’t mattered.

The prince had stayed with the princess from the other kingdom. Her eyes had been as clear as crystals. The mermaid’s eyes had been muddy by comparison.

She sighed and ran a hand along her forehead as she watched the ocean that still called to the ache inside of her.

One step, and she could go back.

Her father and sisters would welcome her as if she had never left in the first place.

Everything would go back as it was.

She wiped her tears and turned away.

This is my third take on the 100 Story Challenge! Lyrics define these stories, and this piece‘s title was inspired by “Lost The Breakup” from Maisie Peters.

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