I Found You Among All the Stars

Prose Poetry

Jillian Spiridon
2 min readNov 2, 2021


did you think when we first met that we’d be standing in a field, the stars so close we could touch them, as we wait on signs of a world still letting loose deep breaths to stay alive

did you see the way I looked at you that first night, when you wore a dress that glittered with every move, and our eyes caught like a spark igniting across the distance

did you think we would be here, so close to a precipice of some kind, our hands joined together even against all the odds we’ve faced

did you wonder why I hesitated those first hours to take your hand, to brush my skin against yours, when even just a kiss seemed like the height of sin

did you think you knew me then, as you know me now, for all the things we’ve shared and every moment we’ve toiled for these scraps of moments we take pleasure in now

did you take the time to glimpse the moon that night, how its fair light danced across your form, while I held my breath and tried to think of nothing beyond midnight

did you think we would share hours and minutes and seconds until an unwinding — this world erupting like it’s a volcano and we’re moments away from impact and I —

I just stare into your eyes and know that safety is on the other side of that gaze

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