Friends (2022)

It’s not what you think.

Jillian Spiridon
3 min readMay 2, 2022


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It’s New York City in 2022, just a scant few years after the beginning of a pandemic made people reassess their paths in life. Still recovering from the effects of a lockdown, the city remains a place of dreams for the people inhabiting it.

Sisters Bexley and Brenda fight over the throne of what it means in the 21st century to be a “successful woman.” After their grandmother passes away, they find themselves in a condo they’ll only be able to keep if they become roommates. Though neither one is fond of living with the other for the first time since high school, their grandmother’s will stipulates this clause for them to keep the property; otherwise, the condo will need to be sold with the money from the sale going to charity.

Bexley would rather get rid of the condo, but Brenda pleads with her sister for some time since she’s between part-time jobs. One year, just one year, and they’ll be free of each other. Against her better judgment, Bexley agrees.

And so their adventures together in the city begin.

Bexley’s the quintessential workaholic who spends more time replying to emails and reading manuscripts than actually living her life. Most of her free time is spent in the aisles or cafe of her favorite indie bookstore, the Paper Roost, where she’s found some interesting people and reads over the years.

Brenda is on the opposite spectrum. A failed actress who once sought Broadway roles, she finds herself drinking before noon some days and trawls through dating apps in the hopes of landing herself a rich husband.

Part of the corporate rat race at a dating app start-up, Bexley’s friend Xander has held a torch for her ever since they met at The Moth years ago. While she resigned her dreams of literary stardom to instead focus on getting other writers published, Xander has made a small name for himself under a pseudonym. The problem now? Bexley’s publisher wants to pick up the books for traditional publication. But Xander’s not keen on his long-time crush finding out he has been writing popular erotic romance novels aimed at a female audience.

Other regulars at the Roost include quirky Tina, owner of her own consignment shop, and accidental-TikTok-sensation-turned-model Dustin. Neither…



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