Cupid Gone Mad

Jillian Spiridon
1 min readJul 22, 2021


“love will save the world” became the mantra

in a world of positivity lectures run rampant,

and Cupid should really have known better

than to take that trip to a motivation seminar

with his invisible arrows, he was so inspired

that he rammed the pointed heads away

into unsuspecting loveless individuals

whom he deemed in need of his help

when the other gods, horrified, asked

what he had wrought, he gave a grin

that answered no questions but told

how he thought himself a lone savior

but he didn’t realize the darker part

of the lovestruck game he had made:

love quadrangles erupted, people cried,

blood was spilled, lives were lost

humans may say that love cures all ills,

but love can be an ill in and of itself

when it’s spread in excess, no stem

to the endless, voracious tides

war didn’t always start at the hands

of hatred or even hunger for power —

but passions run amok could become

just the same causes and effects

“love will save the world,” Cupid said

right before humanity breathed its last,

overdosed on passions turned to chaos,

the final stand of a heartbroken world

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