A Poem

Jillian Spiridon
2 min readMay 30


Image by Hoàng Tiến Việt from Pixabay

somewhere along the way,
i missed your signals —
or perhaps you missed mine —
and now we’re on different roads.

i wish i could tell you the secrets
i’ve kept so close, near and dear, to my heart —
but we were always a tide washing from shore,
never to come by this way again.

somewhere you lost me —
or maybe i lost you —
and now we’re on opposing sides
like magnets that can’t connect.

i wish i had been more honest,
a true calling card from the very start —
but we were never that lightning strike tale
to blow away all the rest.

somewhere you missed me,
passed me right by too many times,
and i stopped trying to flag you down
because you had too many sights to see.

i wish i could have choked out the words
that might have tied us together —
but i knew the chips were stacked against me
on this gambling table of affections.

somewhere along the way,
i didn’t try as hard to earn your regard —
and that’s my fault, my fault,
since i could never be her, them, or anyone.

i wish for so many things,
and you would hear if you would listen —
but i know the time’s too long past for that
since i’m here and you’re there.

somewhere, someday,
i’ll see your name in scattered lights —
and i’ll smile and shake my head
before laying my bygones to rest.

then i’ll walk away —
like i should do now —
but i’m still hurting, still wanting,
while no one but me knows.



Jillian Spiridon

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