Butterfly Promises

#100StoryChallenge — No80

Jillian Spiridon


Image Source: https://creator.nightcafe.studio/creation/vcwOhxjIev3HKJ92ucZh

The blue butterfly mark had been on Lily’s face since she was a baby.

When she started going to school, all the other girls would point and laugh at her as if it was such an ugly thing to see. But Lily would lower her head and try to pretend she couldn’t hear the teasing taunts.

It was easier to imagine herself in a different world where her mark would be a sign of potential greatness.

Sometimes she dreamt of butterflies enveloping her in a warm coccoon.

Those dreams were a source of sweetness.

The butterflies offered her unconditional love.

This is a part of my endeavor to go back to writing tighter fiction with more stringent word counts. It’s just one attempt at the 100 Story Challenge because I thought it would be a good exercise to do to keep my imagination sharp. We’ll see how it goes.

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