Bring the Rain

A Poem

Jillian Spiridon
2 min readJul 15, 2022


Photo by ilya mondryk on Unsplash

i never wished harm on anyone
till you darkened my door
and made me doubt myself,
my words, my truths —
everything that made me
who i am.

i saw the storm clouds brewing
in that untouchable sky —
and i wanted nothing more
than to strike you down
with a force like lightning
to cleanse the threat of you.

i never wanted revenge,
but i craved absolution —
anything to tear away
the rot and stink of you
from all my memories
and everything i held dear.

i wished for the hope of rain
to wash away every trace
of what you’d left behind —
and the anger was mine,
all mine, undeniable,
because what did i have left?

but how much rain do i need
to clear away this past of pain?
what lessons was i supposed to learn
other than hiding from monsters like you?
what could break me from this cycle
that you left behind like a parting gift?

oh, bring the rain, bring the rain,
and let me know peace at last.
oh, bring the rain, bring the rain,
and maybe someone else will be safe.
oh, bring the rain, bring the rain,
till all i have left is a scar.

if only the rain could erase
every memory of strife and turmoil,
then i would have been healed
long ago, long ago —
but i still live in this cage.
i want to break free,
but at what cost?

someday, someday
there will be justice.
someday, someday
karma will come around.
someday, someday
i’ll be free once more.

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