A Convoy to More Stories Beyond This Sphere…

Here’s a guide to where you can find more stories from me!

Jillian Spiridon
2 min readMay 12, 2024

Are you longing for stories?

Are you crunched for time and can’t devote yourself to too many different memberships?

Are you tired of AI-generated writing flooding your sphere and you just want good old-fashioned hands-to-keyboard, nose-to-grindstone, pencil-to-temple writing?

Then I’m here for you!

Here are a few of the places you can find my writing in the here and now (as of May 2024):

The Cat’s Cradle

Have you been wondering where all the essays and poetry have gone? They can be found on The Cat’s Cradle. I’ve written about everything from my tortured love for Kylo Ren/Ben Solo of Star Wars fame to a Music Videos into Stories series (rather an off-shoot from Songs into Stories as you’ve seen here on Medium).

Amorous Intentions

Think of this as a carry-over from my Medium publication The Book of Lust. It’s erotica-minded while still being romance-focused (if that makes sense since the two are not always common bedfellows!). I can’t promise a pace of a-story-a-day, but there will be more content than not for you to peruse over time if you take a gander there. (I’m trying to write more male POVs for that writing as well as an experiment, so look forward to that!)


Do you enjoy what you’ve read from me on my microfiction publication Bubblegum Fiction? These stories range from the fantastical to the surreal, and the genres vary to insane degrees. But it’s all fun! If you enjoy short fiction that’s bite-sized (ranging between 500 and 1000 words for you time-strapped folks out there), then Raconteusery is for you.


I know. I have done very little with my Patreon game. But I’ll get there. Eventually. Creators need to take their reins into their own hands these days. Maybe someday I’ll have some grand adventures to share with you from Patreonland.

Amazon/Kindle Direct Publishing

Yes, I’ve entered the Amazon publishing game. Thus far, I’ve published two poetry collections with Kiss Me Blue and Ravish Me Red. I have also compiled short story collections with Tales of the Hourglass, Tales of the Daydreamers, and Tales of the Oracle (each one containing 10 short fiction pieces). Tales of the Mystics and Tales of the Romantics will follow later this summer.

All of this to say…

There are places to read my writing beyond Medium. I will always be writing somewhere, so please follow me wherever the wind blows!

May the stories guide us in our times of despair and joy alike, right?