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If you’re looking for the wonders of other worlds and the hope of distant realities…

then you might want to take a stroll over to my Fiction page where you can find everything from daring speculative fiction to chunks of microfiction for the people who love stories but don’t have a lot of time. …

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I have a thing for the bad boys — at least when they’re safely within the realm of fictional content. It’s been a problem for a while, but I think it’s only getting worse with age since I’m still finding myself caught up in the stories that feature tortured men…

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There are other ways to make money.

The man she met in the hotel lobby gave her two hundred dollars upfront while handing her a paper shopping bag. Even without taking a peek, she knew there was some costume in there — all the more to align with the client’s…

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Marcien had always been a strange man, but the day he said he had invented a flying ship took the cake. …

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You’ll never read this.

I could give you a name — call you out, maybe — but what would be the point? You and I have existed in different spheres for so long that I don’t think our circles will ever overlap again.

But still I worry: what if I…

When I’m stuck in writer’s block purgatory, I turn to music — and, of course, music videos by extension. I love the way scenes and lyrics mesh in such a way in my brain that new story ideas float to the surface for me to peruse.

Below are just some…

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She is not what you might expect upon first glance. The tattoo of a red rose peeks out from the cuff of her white dress shirt when she serves me my first glass of wine. The clock face on my watch ticks past seven p.m. — and I already know…

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the dichotomy existed before we knew it —

the right and wrong of us —

till we were just two sides of a coin,

bound to be opposite,

always separated by a thin line

too tremulous to cross in haste.

we thought we knew each other so well,

unique in…

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Daisy thought the fun house was just a big trick made up of mirrors and tilted perspectives — until she saw the woman in the red dress. …

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It’s not easy to be asexual in a world that loves sex.

You’re bombarded by it at every corner: the magazine covers, the advertisements, the movie trailers, the music, the media at large. …

Jillian Spiridon

just another writer with too many cats

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