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“Isn’t she perfect?”

“You marvel too much at your handiwork, old man.”

“But don’t you think there’s something about the way her gaze stares into you? Those eyes — men would have destroyed cities in past centuries for her, I’m sure of it!”

“I fail to see how she’s unlike any other doll you’ve created.”

“Don’t call them dolls! Imbecile! They are not children’s toys! Each one is lovingly crafted down to the minute detail — ”

“All right, all right, enough with your spiel. How much is she?”

“For you, a bargain.”

“I can’t do six figures again. The…

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Hello, fellow Medium writers! Excuse the mess. No matter when this is posted, I will probably still be gaining my legs when it comes to this platform. I hope you enjoy your time here in my little corner of Medium, where you can expect fiction of all kinds from all walks of genre and even length (if I get bold and crafty).

What can you expect from me over here? I write a lot of weird things. Whether it’s whimsical science fiction or turbulent dystopias or even quirky rom-coms — I dabble in a lot. If you’re looking for a…

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Updated 09/19/2021

I hope this little guide (which I will update as needed) will be a gateway for you to discover my fiction writing in all its many shades.

Thanks for your interest and support!

Contemporary Fiction

The Last Carnival of the Summer

Back When I Was Her Guy

We’re Falling By the Wayside Fast

The Invisible Woman

Back to the Days When You Still Loved Me

You Don’t Know Kady Wilson Like I Do

Every Day at Six o’Clock

Saltwater Kisses

Hearts on the Line

The Last Ferry Home

To All the Friends We’ve Lost Before

Love in the Time of…

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Updated 09/19/2021

While I’m not a master of the artistry required for poetry, I still try my hand at the form from time to time. Most of my pieces are free-verse, but I have dabbled in sonnets and some other poems with a specific rhyme scheme.

Listed below are all poems I’ve compiled on Medium thus far. I’d be so thrilled if you gave one or two a gander!

Thank you for your time and support!

Love Poems

I’ll Tell You Again Tomorrow

Don’t Mess With My Glow

Trying to Find You Out There


Bridging the Distance

Two Words

Narrative Poetry



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Updated 09/18/2021

I don’t write as much non-fiction as I do fiction and poetry (funny, really, since the creative writing class I took a few years back focused almost entirely on creative non-fiction), but there are times when I need to open a vein of my own and let it bleed.

I doubt these articles and pieces will be that dramatic, though you never can tell with this writing gig. …

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my skin is a map of constellations,

each speck a piece of myth made real,

and love knows me in this space

where self and sensation mingle.

the earth tells its story in caverns

and swatches of land torn asunder

as wind and rain war together

against all that is locked in time.

but the sky above is so wide —

its blue is a maw, never-ending —

and your hand in mine sings true

of promises whispered like prayers.

the men of today rush to space,

as if the planets above will save them

when they cannot save themselves

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It’s not every day a man spends an afternoon alone in Amsterdam. I wandered through the maze of shops, offering everything from comic books to cannabis, acting like every other tourist in the area. I glimpsed two French girls — their rapid-fire language danced between them — as they took selfies in front of the canal. The shorter one, a blonde with a bob cut, puckered her lips as she blew a kiss to the device in her hand.

Millennials. I would never understand them.

Down the alleyways I went, desperate for distraction. Neon red signs flashed, trying to entice…

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growing up has its perks —

so they said to Peter Pan, I’m told —

but the park is no longer a playground,

instead just an effigy to what lay in the past.

loving is a complicated thing,

gone away from butterfly kisses,

and I’m left stranded in a moment

where I can’t move or say a word.

going to work, paying the bills —

all of it sucks a little joy from me

until I’m just left a husk of what I was

because nothing feels fulfilling anymore.

watching the kids on the swings

takes me back to easier…

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Do you ever have one of those nights where you take to Google and just type in random questions? Why is the sky blue? What was the most popular name of 2020? How do I get over being ghosted by a guy I really liked?

Answers pop up, as they do, in their algorithmic way. Misinformation and truth abound in tangled heaps, but Quora and Reddit alone can yield dozens of answers to all your burning questions — particularly if you’re looking for advice on matters of the heart.

The easy accessibility of the internet has made way to this…

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I tell myself I’ll never again fall for the kind of guy who would ghost me rather than tell me straight out that he can’t return my feelings.

I tell myself I am a mature adult who can face the brunt of a few words that will (hopefully) just cut in the moment.

I tell myself that it’s better to have the truth out in the open with no room for misunderstandings.

I’m pretty good at lying to myself.

Ghosting has become such a fixture of modern relationship rituals that most people don’t even blink an eye at the mention…

Jillian Spiridon

just another writer with too many cats

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